Cyber Crime Law

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Cyber Crime Law

The advancement of technology all over the world has brought some very pressing issues on the fore-front. We all know that a business does not operate in a vacuum; there are forces both within as well as in the surrounding environment that can harm its growth and therefore, they need to be dealt with properly at the right time, using the right approach. Cyber crimes are committed online and can range from hacking of computer softwares containing your data, security breaches, causing your company’s system to become infected with viruses, any sorts of fraud or scam, identity theft (this may include someone else impersonating themselves as you or the representative of your company, stealing of your ideas and projects), and related matters. Though we cannot operate outside of Informational Technology anymore because in no way will we be able to keep up with the dynamics of the global marketplace; what we can do is seek the necessary assistance to protect ourselves against such critical issues. Because the world of IT is ever-growing and complex, it is quite understandable that the problems related to it are bound to resemble the same nature. At SG Advocates & Legal Consultants, we have a network of professionals and experts who have both the knowledge and experience to provide you with practical solutions to protect yourselves against cyber crimes. Given the complexity of our regional landscape and the various laws existing that may or may not be applicable in a particular context, it can be very hard to understand which regulatory mechanism applies to which problem under which conditions. To make our clients’ lives easier, we do not just present them with the right solution for their problem, but we also provide answers to any questions they have and explain each and everything in simpler words so that they, too, are well aware of what is going on around them.

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Our Practices in Cyber Security

  • Telecommunications Services

  • Telecommunications Piracy

  • Dissemination of Offensive Materials

  • Electronic Money Laundering

  • Tax Evasion

  • Electronic Vandalism

  • Electronic Terrorism

  • Electronic Extortion

  • Sales and Investment Fraud

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud



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