Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

Court marriage is a formal union between a man and a woman, solemnized in front of a Magistrate or Nikah Registrar, in which they become life partners. When one or both parties to the marriage are unable to gain their parents' approval or are concerned that they will not be allowed to marry, court [...]

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Divorce and it’s procedure in Pakistan

Talaq or Khula are two methods for dissolving a marriage. Information in general A Muslim marriage is a contract that, like any other contract, can be dissolved. When one of the spouses dies, the marriage is instantly dissolved. Aside from that, both the wife and the husband have legal and religious rights to divorce. [...]

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3D Printing, Interactive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Intellectual Property Laws

The emergence of technology has had a radical impact on the existing intellectual property landscape. The new cascade of technologies has presented 3D printing, gene-editing, driverless cars and even “caring” robots. While it is difficult to fully understand the dimensions that can anticipate significant challenges for intellectual property administration, policy and governance, we can [...]

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The Punjab government confirmed the approval of the army lands to the city officials

LAHORE: The Punjab government has approved 2500 acres of government state land, which was allotted under the Army Welfare Scheme (AWS) to 47 civilian government officials for the families of martyred soldiers and veterans. The allotment was made on the orders of former dictator General Pervez Musharraf on merit and in violation of the law, [...]

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Lahore High Court pleads: Ahsan completes arguments against arrest of MSR, extension of remand

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court has resumed hearing on the petition against the arrest of Jang Geo Group Chief Editor Inchef Mir Shakeel ur Rehman, completing his arguments in connection with the ongoing National Accountability Bureau. (NAB) is investigating a 34-year-old property case against his client. A two-member bench of the court is hearing the [...]

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Latest Coronary Infectious Diseases News from Pakistan

KARACHI / Lahore / Islamabad / Peshawar / Quetta: After confirmed new infection in the country, the confirmed number of quotient 19 in Pakistan has increased to 2,595 on Thursday. The total number of cases pending at the provincial level until April 2, 10:06 am is as follows: Total Certified Issues: 2,395 • Sindh: 743 [...]

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In the Daniel Pearl case, the Stan High Court pronounced the death sentence

A Pakistani court on Thursday reversed the death sentence of a man accused of beheading Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was arrested on the charge of kidnapping and murdering Pearl and sentenced to death. Pearl went to Pakistan after a story about "shoe bomber" Richard Reid and was [...]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert

Statistics Location Confirmed Cases per 1M people Recovered Deaths Worldwide 937,567 133.06 194,311 47,256 Pakistan 2,291 11.4 107 31 United States 216,362 661.48 8,878 5,133 Italy 110,574 1,750.55 16,847 13,155 Spain 110,238 2,224.77 26,743 10,003 China 81,589 59.41 76,408 3,318 Germany 78,199 952.06 11,722 932 France 56,325 833.63 7,882 4,025 Iran 47,593 587.62 15,473 3,036 [...]

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